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What is School Readiness?

All of the research shows a direct relationship between how prepared your child is for school and how successful they are throughout their school years, academically and socially.

School Readiness means preparing your child for school, engaging them in interesting and meaningful ways to build the skill base needed for readiness to learn in the classroom.

Our School Readiness Packs are designed for specific grades. The skills a child needs to join preschool are different to the expectations of a child joining grade one. Jill’s involvement in school admissions gave her the opportunity to explore the best ways to teach and support your child’s development.

School is an environment where our children’s brains are educated. A place where they are encouraged to be socially, emotionally, and academically successful. They learn how to manage their behaviour, resolve conflict, make decisions, build resilience, develop positive relationships, and become independent while they learn how to read, write, and understand math.

Each of our School Readiness Packs helps your child to be fully prepared for their classroom. Success at school is a happy child who is open to learning, understands what’s going on, and is able to participate fully in the classroom.