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“What Can We Cook Together”

This project is about taking the opportunity to explore what you can cook together. What do the ingredients look like? How do you prepare them? How do you follow a recipe? What will the food taste like?
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You can start the project with reading the picture book, ‘No More Beige Food’ written by Leanne Shirtliffe & Tina Kugler. This colourful, rhyming book tells the story of how a sister and brother decide to explore their neighbourhood for interesting and tasty recipes. They visit their neighbours and have the wonderful opportunity to prepare and taste food from many different parts of the world.
You can ask the question, “What can we cook together?”
Cooking is an activity incorporating reading, science, maths, the senses, creativity, the list goes on and on. Shopping, preparing and cooking food uses an impressive list of skills.
You can explain to your child you will find a child friendly recipe for them to prepare and eat. Safety is a priority. Using sharp knives or hot ingredients is something the adult will have to do, but they can use other tools and equipment independently.
There are child safe knives you can buy for your little chef that allow them to safely cut vegetables and ingredients to prep for a recipe.
This is an activity you will supervise, please do not leave your child alone with the materials. Use the time to watch them explore and create. You can offer advice if it’s requested, but try to keep your influence to a minimum. Make sure all the items you select are safe for your child to use.
You can help your child to read the recipe, to make a shopping list, to choose the ingredients from the store, to prepare the ingredients measuring, chopping, whisking, stirring, etc., to follow the recipe to create a delicious dish for you to eat together.
You have created an opportunity to learn ‘what you can cook together!’ Enjoy!
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Project Based Learning

"What Can We Cook Together?"

In this Project Based Learning set you introduce and explore how to plan, prepare, and cook food together.