The Power of Taking Time

I rush a lot; in fact I rush all the time. I am constantly saying to myself “I have to get this laundry done before tonight or I have to get to the bank before it closes”. I find myself dragging my toddler in and out of the car, hurrying her to and from the house like some sort of animal, in fact sometimes it feels like I’m herding a cat (and probably just as time effective)! I’ve been trying to break this habit by slowing down…I’m not THAT important, no one’s going to lose their life if I don’t deposit a cheque RIGHT away.

With the anticipation of baby number two’s arrival I am trying to make my lovely toddler more independent…up till now I feel like I’ve failed at this because of my NEED to get things done. With every passing week I am getting more and more pregnant and my daughter requires more independence….”No, mommy I do it!” (I hear this often now) I am trying to embrace slowing down to her pace, letting her put on her shoes, letting her open the car door and letting her climb into her car seat, high chair or bed. I had no idea that I was robbing her of these important skills by my need to rush all the time! I have to breathe and realize that she has to learn to do these things herself, she is so proud of herself and why shouldn’t she be…she “did it!” She did it herself! After a few weeks I’ve realized that I needed it too, I haven’t been as nearly wiped out and we’ve still got things accomplished!