The New Year

The New Year

Phew! December is such a busy month for parents and children alike. Lots of time spent visiting with family and friends, and lots of excitement around the giving and receiving of gifts.

January is a great month to take stock of what you want for 2010 and a return to family values.

Snuggled together in a comfy chair so you can enjoy a slow reconnection through the words and pictures of your favorite storybooks. Keep your pace slow and change your tone of voice to create excitement. Enjoy the familiarity as the story progresses. When the story is over, just sit quietly and absorb the moment. This could be something you plan to do on a regular basis with your child to help create a love for the emotions stories and books can bring.

It is a very exciting time when your child first becomes aware that letters and sounds make words that can be read in books. (Excerpt from ‘Teaching Parents How To Teach’)

Reading a known story can help your child to predict what happens next. They may remember some of the repetitive text and join in the story telling with you. Encourage their desire to build on the story and to create stories of their own.

This is an important time for you and your children to spend quiet and meaningful time together during this busy season. Have a very Happy New Year!