Summer is here

Summer is here!

Children learn through doing and not being told how to do. You can set up activities in your home to allow your child to develop their fine motor skills. Once you have introduced an activity encourage your child to complete practical tasks for themselves in your home. Examples are pouring milk onto their cereal, spreading preserves onto bread or crackers, spooning rice into a dish, etc. (excerpt from ‘Teaching Parents How To Teach’)

Now that the warmer weather is here, this is an excellent opportunity to pack a picnic and get out into the open to enjoy the experience with friends.

To help develop your child’s fine motor skills you can encourage them to help you put the picnic basket together. They can count mini carrots, apple slices, grapes or strawberries into small pots, use a butter knife to spread preserves, cream cheese, etc., onto bread and cut the sandwiches into smaller pieces. Spoon rice salad into dishes, spread cream cheese onto celery sticks, pour juice or water into containers, the ideas are boundless. You can pack your child’s favourite foods and also get them to try some new food combinations, widening their experiences.

You could bake mini muffins together, and let your child really experience the measuring, spooning and mixing of following a recipe together. Their independence and fine motor skills can be developed along with their confidence making these opportunities to learn an every day occurrence.

Enjoy the sun, and remember to put on plenty of sunscreen and sit in the shade.

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