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Spring Is Here

This project is about taking the opportunity to explore growing plants from seeds. What do the seeds look like? How do you care for the seeds to help them grow? What are the stages of growth? What will the seed grow into?
You can start the project with reading the picture book, ‘A Seed is Sleepy’ written by Dianna Hutts Aston and illustrated by Sylvia Long. This beautiful book tells the story of how seeds grow through the poetic voice of Dianna and the wonderful illustrations of Sylvia. It is a story about the fascinating journey of different seeds following their cycles of growth secretively, fruitfully, adventurously, … This book contains opportunities to explore language with detailed enticing pictures.
You can ask the question, “What can we grow from seeds?
You can explain to your child you will not see the different stages of growth as the seeds will be planted in soil and need darkness to begin their journey.
This is an activity you will supervise, please do not leave your child alone with the materials. Use the time to watch them explore and create. You can offer advice if it’s requested, but try to keep your influence to a minimum. Make sure all the items you select are safe for your child to use.
Provide seeds, soil, empty pots, empty containers, water, etc.
You can help your child to create a flower pot from a toilet roll holder by folding the bottom of the tube and filling it with soil. You can show them how to push their finger into the soil to create a space for the seed, and then cover it up with the soil to keep it safe. Then water the seed and put it upright somewhere in the sunshine to warm the soil and allow the seed to sprout.
You have created an opportunity for a sleepy seed to grow! Enjoy!
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Project Based Learning

What Can We Grow From Seeds?

This project is about taking the opportunity to explore growing plants from seeds.