Sight Word – Does


• Instructions
• Lesson Plan
• Colour Poster
• Large Red Letters
• Multi Sensory Activities
• Table Display Card
• Story Book Suggestions
• Extensions for Literacy Centre
• Say it, Make it, Write it Activity
• Circle, Fill in, Write Activity
• Trace, Print, Complete, Sentence Activity
• Sentence Strips Activity
• Game board
• Take Home Card

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In the Sight Word DOES pack your students will learn D-O-E-S makes the word does. There is a complete lesson plan with a suggested sequence of creative activities and clear instructions. Your students will learn to identify the sight word ‘does’ through Listening & Understanding, Actions & Imagination, Learning the Silly Story, Saying, Making & Writing the Word, Identifying, Filling in Missing Letters, Tracing, Printing, Completing the Silly Story, & Writing a Sentence, Reading Sentences, and Playing a Game to practice all of the skills learned. There is a list of picture story books to support the sight word and suggested activities for continued practice in the Literacy Centre.

The file can be downloaded and printed ready to use without any extra preparation. Your students can begin learning straight away.