Pre-School Readiness Pack


Everything Your Child Needs To Prepare for Pre-School.

Start your child’s education experience off right, with our School Readiness Packs.

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Included in the Pre-School Readiness Pack is:


A book written especially for parents giving an overview for skill building in the foundational years, and developing a strong base for future learning. Activities have video step by step support.

Discovery Cards

Through exploration and decision making your child creates their own models developing Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math skills using the suggested materials.

Attribute Cards

Responding to instructions to identify shapes, colours, and sizes your child develops a range of thinking and classification skills needed for later problem solving exercises.

Quantity Cards

Developing the ability to see and understand quantities is a fundamental skill in the development of number sense. This is the second step in building math skills.

Bean Bag

Made especially for preschoolers. The size and weight fits perfectly in small hands. The fabric has a soft texture, and a hypo-allergenic filling of white rice.