Kindergarten Readiness Pack


Everything Your Child Needs To Prepare for Kindergarten.

Start your child’s education experience off right with one of our School Readiness Packs.

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Included in the Kindergarten Readiness Pack is:


A book written especially for parents giving an overview for skill building in the foundational years, and developing a strong base for future learning. Activities have video step by step support.

Discovery Cards

Through exploration and decision making your child creates their own models developing Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math skills using the suggested materials.

Alphabet Book

Numbers 1 – 10 Book

Learning the number shapes, names, and quantities is the third step, and creating number stories is the fourth step in building math skills. Each number is introduced with the symbol and quantity, a tracing activity, a say it-make it-write it activity, a printing page, a review with creating the quantity and identifying the symbol, story mats and creature cards to build, practise and understand math.

Printing Book

This book introduces the correct direction and formation of upper case and lower case letters. Your child starts with warm up exercises, traces and prints the letters on the page, and practises following the suggestions.