Classroom Spelling Program


A Comprehensive School Wide Classroom Spelling Program

Each grade follows the same approach, giving the teachers the freedom to expand and create extensions to to differentiate, and to teach every child from emerging learners to extending learners.

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Following the same spelling program from Kindergarten through to Grade Three keeps the approach familiar and allows your school to differentiate and individualize to your own student body.

Spelling needs to be taught in a systematic and sequential way. This book contains all the information a teacher needs to comprehensively teach the sounds of the English language.

This program was created directly related to teachers needs and wants – a scope and sequence for letter and rule introduction, a program that’s easy to use straight away without requiring prep, each lesson has everything in one area from multi-sensory activities through to what kind of spelling and where it is used in words, creative, reading and writing activities, and a way for the teacher to keep track of each student’s progress. It can be used in a full classroom or in small groups.

What’s included:

Pages Include:

  • Scope & sequence
  • 3 Types of Lesson Plan
  • Teacher Record Pages
  • Spelling terms and usage for each sound or rule
  • Wordlists
  • Multi-sensory Activities
  • Reading Exercises
  • Composition Exercises
  • Alphabet
  • Letter, Word, and Sentence Cards
  • Phonograms
  • Language Rules
  • Grammar
  • Activity Sheets
  • Silent Letters
  • Uncommon Spellings
  • Advanced Activity Sheets
  • Multiple Spellings

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