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Picture Story Book – Voices In The Park

Using picture story books in the classroom increases engagement with a subject. The students are able to immerse themselves in the story and you are able to teach to a certain subject with the support of the pictures and storyline.
I use children’s story books a lot in my teaching. The story allows the students to become engaged with subjects and creates interest, dialogue, and breathing space in a busy classroom. I have a final lesson in mind when choosing a book title, but I am open to the lesson taking a different direction if student’s want to explore something else related to the story.
Voices in the Park is an excellent example of how our perspective of an experience is directly related to how we behave and interpret what’s going on around us. Four different characters experience a very different park directly relating to how they interact with it. Each character brings a different perspective to their own and other character’s in the story. Each character narrates their own story in first person.
Cover image of the book Voices in the Park
Voices in the Park shares the stories of each character interacting with other characters in the same park and how each one has a different perspective relating to how they are feeling and behaving.
I use a graphic organizer to look at each character’s personality and their perspective of the park and their interactions in the park. This can be extended into an individual or a classroom project.
In this activity you record each character’s personality and the perspective of their experiences. How does each character appear and behave? You can explore why each character behaves the way they do. Discuss what each student thinks their experience would be in the same park?
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Story Book Activity

Voices In The Park

Four characters go into the same park, each experience a very different park.