Items Needed:

  • Tray
  • One Jug
  • One Jar
  • Funnel
  • Water

Builds Skills In:

  • Hand eye co-ordination
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Concentration
  • Independence

Pouring Water

Children learn by doing practical activities. By completing this activity your child is building skills and developing a love of learning.

Present a small tray with one jug filled with water, an empty jar, and a funnel. Pick up the funnel and place it in the empty jar. Carefully pour the water from the jug into the funnel to fill the empty jar. Steady the jug by holding it with both hands – one on the handle and one close to the pouring lip. Take the funnel out of the jar, pick up the jar filled with water and pour it back into the jug. Steady the jar by holding it with both hands as you pour.

Remember to demonstrate the activity yourself, and then ask your child to complete it.

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