For Teaching Parents How To Teach

“I have been a primary teacher for 9 years, and I am now a mother of two young girls. As a teacher you read many educational resources, Teaching Parents How to Teach is the first book that I have come across that caters to the parent. It has become an incredibly useful resource for me, and I currently use the printing guide to help parents of my students teach. This book is a must have for parents today, and it emphasizes the importance of establishing a positive learning experience at home.”
Melissa Haffner- Grade 1 Teacher, Vancouver
“Teaching Parents How to Teach is an excellent resource for parents of primary aged children. It offers valuable teaching tools that are clearly understood, easy to use, and meaningful to children’s development in language arts and math. We were fortunate to have these wonderful authors present some of these tools in a parent workshop at our school. The book and the workshop have been embraced so enthusiastically that we have provided each family with a copy. I would definitely recommend this book to other families who are home schooling their children or want to support what their children are learning at school.”
Suzanne Yahn – Primary Teacher, Surrey Connect: A Distributed Learning School

“My first thought on a cursory review of the book was “what a great idea”. Upon using some of the techniques illustrated with my granddaughter, I discovered the information not only age appropriate to her capabilities but truly enhanced her already enormous capacity to learn and actually understand concepts and make choices. Learning in this manner is a great stride in educating a child and preparing them for the greater world of formal school. Yes, children are sponges and their eagerness to learn knows no bounds, how you harness their interest is critical at this very early stage of their development, creating a life long love of learning. This book does exactly that with pages that jump out at you with lively illustrations, colours and practical tools, creating excitement in the eyes of a child.”

“The most important thing I’ve learned in using this book as a guide is, it’s never too early to start a child’s journey into learning. My only disappointment is that this book was not around when I had my children and am guilt ridden because, until now, I had no idea how, as a first time parent, I could have made learning much more fun with the appropriate guide such as this book! This book is long overdue!!”

“Parents out there, consider yourselves very fortunate! We are all aware of how children in third world countries struggle to receive education of any kind, we are the lucky ones who have tools such as this book available, let’s use them to enable our children to make a difference in this world through learning.”

“My thoughts now? It’s not too late, I do have my beautiful granddaughter and what greater gift can I give her?”

Rose Wickstead – Grandparent, Vancouver
“This book is exactly what I was looking for! My five year old son and I work together about 15 minutes a night, and he loves the exercises, especially the mazes. I’m really grateful that this book shows me exactly what to do…I love it, love it, love it!”
Erica Pikola, Parent, Prince Rupert

“As a mother of five children, I was devastated to learn one of my children, who was in grade one at the time, was one to two grades behind the other children in their class. This is how I met Jill Whitehouse, after working 4 years with Jill, my child is now making honor roll. Jill has worked with all five of my children over the past 5 years, to reinforce what they have learned at school. All of them have had significant success because of Jill. I often tell Jill that she was heaven sent!!”

”When Jill and David said they were writing a book about Teaching Parents how to Teach their children, I could not wait for the book to be finished. Being part owner of a children’s store, my business partner and I immediately put Teaching Parents How To Teach at the front of our store.”

”I have been so fortunate to have my children work with Jill in person, your children can have the same success, with your help. All you need is to buy Teaching Parents How to Teach and start teaching.”

Deanna, Parent and Children’s Store Owner, Vancouver
“Having used “Teaching Parents How to Teach” in my Kindergarten class, I highly recommend it as an excellent and easy to use resource. It is clearly laid out, informative and very user friendly. I found it especially useful to laminate copies of the activity pages and incorporate them into our daily literacy centres. My students enjoy using whiteboard markers to complete the activities. They find it fun and enjoyable, while at the same time developing important hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. I believe this book is a valuable tool for multi-sensory learning and is a must have for any parent or educator of young children.”
Colleen Anderson, Kindergarten Teacher Vancouver
“I have worked with Jill Whitehouse for 3 years and have seen the difference she has made in so many children’s lives and learning. As a teacher and expectant parent, I am thrilled that she put down even some of her expertise into this amazing book. It contains easy-to-use, concrete strategies that any parent can do with their child. I have shared this book with not only the parents of my students but also with many of my friends who have children. It is my new favourite gift to give on any occasion and it is always received with great thanks. I highly recommend that after you purchase and use this resource your child that you pass it along to those you care about as well.”
Tracey MacLeod – Grade 3 Teacher, Vancouver

Before: When Drina and I made muffins before I thought her wearing and apron and helping me mix the batter was “making muffins together.” I pretty much prepared everything in advance: pulling her play table over, taking out the ingredients and items we need, and then pre-measuring them myself. I had preconceptions of what she was and wasn’t capable of and tried to avoid a big mess. The end goal was a batch of perfect muffins.

 After reading ‘Teaching Parents How To Teach’, I realized that I could approach “making muffins together” a lot differently. Drina could be involved in the process from beginning to end. My priorities changed. I wasn’t so concerned with “perfect muffins”, but instead with guiding her through an exciting activity that was educational and fun!

We helped each other pull her play table into the kitchen. We read the box together and decided what items and ingredients we would need. Everything was at her level for her to see and use. For the first time SHE used the measuring spoons and cup before pouring everything into the mixing bowl. SHE placed each paper cup in the muffin tin. I modeled how to spoon fill the cups with mix and then let HER fill the rest. Some cups had more and some had less, mix spilled over the sides and dripped on the table, yet she surprised me with just how capable she really was. Since our goal was the process of making muffins we weren’t rushed. We were relaxed and really had a lot of fun.

Capri Doyle, Parent, Vancouver
“I know some of the resources that will be in the package and it would be amazing to have a personal copy (especially the Teaching Parents How To Teach Book…which I use all the time).”
Home School Parent Surrey District

“As a mother of three kids and an owner of a children’s store I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Teaching Parents How to Teach for my house and my store. As soon as the book was available, I got a copy, went home and read it from cover to cover in one night. I had heard nothing but amazing things about how Jill teaches and wanted to be able to apply some of her techniques on my own children. After reading the book, I had to pass this knowledge on to all my friends, family and customers.”

“This book is GREAT! Easy to read and follow along, you don’t need to have a teaching degree to understand how to teach your own children and give them extra conference in school. This book has been great for my kids and I would highly recommend it to anyone with young children.”

JJ Scott, Parent and Co-Owner Nestings Kids, Vancouver