It's Time To Get Hands-On With
Your Child's Education


With HD Video Instructions To Show You How

Build Curiosity, Independence, and Thinking Skills

You can start building curiosity, independence, and developing thinking skills in your child. You are their most important teacher. In the early years is when the foundational skills and readiness to learn are built.

The early years are a time of rapid brain development. Your child learns by being exposed to new experiences. Their cognitive, linguistic, motor, social, and emotional skills are best supported through using all the senses.

The relationship you build through nourishing your child’s brain with a richness of experiential learning creates joy.

Jill Shows You How

With Video instructions for each lesson, Jill shows you what to do, what to say, and how to teach your child.

Step-By-Step Explanations


Our book is filled with easy to follow explanations of all the subjects you will need to understand so you can teach your child.
We have also included worksheets that you can copy from the printed book or download from our website to use with your children.


All lessons are designed to teach in a multi-sensorial way. This is proven to maximise your child’s ability to learn. Jill will show you how to use every day objects to teach your child in a natural way.

3 Books in One

Everything you need to prepare your child for schooling from the age of 18 months is covered in detail in our book. Including:
  • Independence
  • Gross & fine motor skills
  • Pincer grasp
  • Hand to eye coordination.


Jill Whitehouse, President of Early Minds Education and Author of
Teaching Parents How To Teach.

What Makes Teaching Parents How To Teach So Valuable?

Many children who are experiencing problems in grade 1 and 2 may not have a recognised learning difference, they simply have not understood some key early concepts. These children slip by unnoticed in today’s busy classrooms and often develop coping skills to cover their lack of understanding.
The Solution is Your Participation!

“After 25 years of helping children to overcome learning challenges, I realised that there was a way to prevent their distress.”.

To help parents understand how, I have created a resource that will explain ‘The How to, Where to, Why to of Teaching Young Children’.

Parents will find all they need to prepare their children for School, from the first finger painting to their first wristwatch. In between is a multitude of firsts that every parent and grandparent should experience. In ‘Teaching Parents How To Teach’ we will walk you through each stage, showing you how to build levels of understanding that ensure your children comprehend each step.

“If parents knew how important their involvement was in how their children learn, they would not hesitate to take the time to participate”.

Jill specializes in Early Childhood, Montessori and Orton Gillingham. She has spent her career researching and developing methods to help parents support the ways their children learn. She is a former director on the board of The Canadian Association of Therapeutic Tutors, and on the advisory board for the Sarah McLachlan Music School. She has been an educator for over 25 years working as a teacher and tutor.

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Our new fixed layout ePub with Links to video demonstrations for all the subjects covered in our book.

Jill will take you step by step giving you the confidence to participate.

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Quality Printed Book


The design and quality of our book is a reflection of how important multi-sensory learning is to every Child.

We have taken great care to produce a book that's easy for parents to follow and beautifully presented.

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