Readiness Pack
Filled with activities that will make your child's Pre-School experience more enjoyable and easier to understand.


Made especially for preschoolers to develop gross and fine motor skills.

Teaching Parents How To Teach

To get you started, our introduction to multi-sensorial teaching and how important it is to your child.

Discovery Cards

Combine Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Art, to explore, make decisions and create.

Attribute Cards

Combines gross motor development with early thinking and classification skills.

Quantity Cards

Develop fundamental number recognition skills with gross motor activities.
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New for 2021

School Readiness Packs

We have created a series of materials and exercises to make sure your child is academically prepared for the school environment. This pack is designed specifically to support you in preparing your child for school. Starting with ten minutes a day we guide you through the how, when, where, and what of working with your child.
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Teaching Parents How To Teach

A book written especially for parents giving an overview for skill building in the foundational years, and developing a strong base for future learning. Activities have video step by step support.
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Discovery Cards

Through exploration and decision making your child creates their own models developing Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math skills using the suggested materials.
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Attribute Cards

Responding to instructions to identify shapes, colours, and sizes, your child develops a range of thinking and classification skills needed for later problem solving exercises.
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Quantity Cards

Developing the ability to see and understand quantities is a fundamental skill in the development of number sense. This is the second step in building math skills.
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A Beanbag For Little Hands

Made especially for preschoolers by The size and weight fits perfectly in small hands. The fabric has a soft texture, and a hypo-allergenic filling of white rice.
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What Pre-School's Want:

  • A happy child who is open to learning, understands what’s going on, and is able to participate fully in the classroom.
  • A child who can independently problem solve, is a creative thinker with an ability to follow instructions.
  • A child who can identify colours, shapes, and sizes, and has good concentration to listen to instructions and follow them.
  • A child who has number sense and understands how a quantity is represented by a number, and is developing their fine and gross motor skills.

What Our Pack Teaches:

  • Our book Teaching Parent How To Teach is a guide to build your child’s confidence and skills in preparation for the classroom.
  • The Discovery cards teach independent problem solving skills using Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics.
  • The Attribute cards combine gross motor and early thinking skills with listening and following one step, two step, and three step instructions.
  • The Quantity cards develop an understanding of early math skills and number sense, and gross motor skills and accuracy are developed with throwing the bean bag onto a target.
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