Our daughter has benefited greatly from the experience and care of Jill Whitehouse as her tutor. Several years ago, it was brought to our attention there were some behaviors around her reading that could benefit from additional one-on-one skill development with a tutor.

Jill was a recommendation from our school, and our daughter has been fortunate to have worked with her weekly for nearly 3 years.

In 2020, Jill offered to move her services online over the summer months, and our daughter was eager to continue building on her progress and learning. For two summers she has looked forward to her sessions over the summer months.

Each session is tailored specifically to demonstrate and reinforce how much progress has occurred, boosting confidence and fortifying a foundation of learning. Additionally, Jill’s materials still allow for intentional and incremental pushes forward in her targeted areas.

Jill brings her welcoming and enthusiastic self to the screen and takes several minutes to connect with her student, catching up on summer adventures or new interests of her pupil. She then seamlessly transitions into the lesson(s) for the session with the PDFs she distributes several days prior. These skillfully designed and curated materials noticeably match the interest and passions of the student just as much as they support the development of the student in identified learning area(s).

Jill‘s warm heart and true gift of teaching brings out the very best learning experience for children.

J & P, Vancouver

Like many other parents, I took on the job of homeschooling during the pandemic. In fact, it was a whole family affair. It soon became clear however that my 11 year old had fallen behind and had developed a very unhealthy relationship with school. I had no idea what to do and a good friend very graciously offered to put me in touch with Jill. From the moment I talked with her I was very hopeful. From the first session she had with my son and I, I was certain I had made the right choice. In the months that followed I have been deeply thankful for what Jill has helped my son accomplish.

He is more confident and more open to learning. She has helped him to learn how to learn on his own. She has helped him see that he is bright and capable. My son adapted well to zoom sessions and I think he was more comfortable with that than he would have been with in person tutoring. The worksheets Jill creates each week are custom made for my son’s interests and abilities.

We have been working together for 5 months now and seeing my sweet boy thrive, laugh, and fill his space in the world again is absolutely priceless. He writes stories on his own and has been developing very strong opinions which he enjoys debating with others. I am so impressed with him and so very thankful that Jill appeared in our lives. I believe she has left an indelible mark on my son’s development and propelled him in a very positive way to be resourceful, thoughtful, and capable. And from what I have heard of their sessions together, which my son regards as his very own special time, they both have an absolute riot along the way. Thank you doesn't come close to enough!

R & C, Keremeos

My son has worked with Jill for many years while he attended Junior School. Jill is an amazing teacher.  She explains in detail what needs to be done, has a lot of patience while maintaining a great sense of humor.  We felt Jill had a special bond with our son and took great pride in his achievements.

We consider Jill a friend who really cared about our son’s development.  We were very fortunate to have Jill work with our son and wished that Jill worked in the Senior School as well!

J & M, Vancouver

The rapport that Jill established with my son at school was incredible. Not only did it make him a more confident learner but built up his self esteem in and out of the classroom.  It was easy decision to use her expertise and their unique connection to help him stay on top of things over the summer.

Jill’s thoughtful materials were often tailored specifically to my son’s  interests and helped him become more engaged with the subject matter. Using his love of shoes and sport in context to creating paragraphs and stories made the content and creative juices flow!

Online learning with Jill was seemless, we could do it from anywhere and it allowed us to have a lot of flexibility over the summer. Materials arrived in advance so we could plan accordingly, I highly recommend this form of learning over the summer months.

Our son doesn’t see his time with Jill as homework or tutoring…he knows he is going to have to work hard but Jill intertwines connection, story telling and personal sharing throughout, always building a strong bond of respect.

Again, thank you all your unwavering support of our son over all these years. It really was wonderful to hear how comfortable he is sharing with you…. a true testament to the bond you have fostered with him.

T & J, Vancouver

We chose Jill Whitehouse as a tutor for our two young daughters because she has extensive experience supporting children with different learning needs in literacy and specifically OG tutoring.  Once we got to know her we realized immediately that we made the right choice.  Not only does Jill have the skillset but she offers the perfect balance of creating a safe and encouraging space while clearly defining boundaries and expectations.  In this environment our daughters felt supported, encouraged, and empowered to learn.

Our daughters love the customized PDF worksheets that Jill has prepared for them each week.  They create engaging and digestible topics that the children look forward to working through.

Jill made the online tutoring easy!  She is punctual and well organized. Not only that, both of our daughters have remarked that an hour seems to fly by.  Online tutoring provided our family with a COVID safe and convenient way to support their learning and literacy journey.  Seeing our children gain confidence and comfort with their own literacy skills has been exciting and rewarding for all of us.

As a parent it brings me great comfort and confidence to know that my children are not only receiving top-tier literacy support and from a person who is so genuinely caring and invested in their overall well-being and academic success.  We feel truly lucky to be working with Jill Whitehouse and offer our highest recommendation.

I asked my daughter if she had anything she would want to share with other students about working with Jill.  She said “I really like that Jill is flexible.  When something isn’t working for me or feels difficult she is open to helping me learn it in a way that I can understand.  This is different than all my other teachers and I love it.

S & D, Vancouver