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Orton Gillingham Tutoring is a multisensorial approach to support children with their learning.

Our President, Jill Whitehouse tutors online directly with students to develop their skills and confidence.

What is Orton Gillingham (OG) Tutoring?

Orton Gillingham is an explicit, sequential, structured, and multisensorial approach to teaching the connections in language. Samuel Orton was a neuropsychiatrist and pathologist who pioneered in reading and language processing difficulties. Anna Gillingham was an educator and psychologist who developed a system of teaching language from the simplest form of sounds to complex sentences. Together they created the Orton-Gillingham Approach using the kinesthetic learning strategies of Orton and the language decoding of Gillingham. Many new reading programs are based on the OG approach.

Who Does The OG Tutoring For EarlyMinds?

Jill is the Head of the Orton Gillingham Tutoring Department in a future focused co-ed private school in Vancouver, and she tutors online directly with students. She develops individualized learning materials for her students, creating a personalized interest in a subject the student finds challenging. Jill has studied with the Neufeld Institute on Attachment Theory and integrates relationship building into her lessons. Every student matters to Jill, and they know they are seen and heard.

From very early in my teaching career I felt certain the relationship with my students was paramount to their learning. Through the Neufeld Institute, I discovered I teach from a developmental perspective rather than behavioural. I have graduated several courses at the Institute focusing on Attachment Theory and use this approach to: build relationships; to see each child as an individual; and to develop their support to match where they are.
Jill Whitehouse, EM President
I personalize lessons and create materials to follow the students interests. Each student is an individual who learns in a specific way. My goal is for every student to learn and feel good about the process. Creating a joy of learning is the part that builds their self esteem, sparks their imagination, and a willingness to take chances.

Tutoring Testimonials

Jill was a recommendation from our school, and our daughter has been fortunate to have worked with her weekly for nearly 3 years. Our daughter has benefited greatly from the experience and care of Jill Whitehouse as her tutor.

J & P, Vancouver

Jill’s thoughtful materials were often tailored specifically to my son’s  interests and helped him become more engaged with the subject matter. Using his love of shoes and sport in context to creating paragraphs and stories made the content and creative juices flow! Online learning with Jill was seemless, we could do it from anywhere and it allowed us to have a lot of flexibility over the summer.

T & J, Vancouver

From the moment I talked with her I was very hopeful. From the first session she had with my son and I, I was certain I had made the right choice. In the months that followed I have been deeply thankful for what Jill has helped my son accomplish. 

R & C, Keremeos

We chose Jill Whitehouse as a tutor for our two young daughters because she has extensive experience supporting children with different learning needs in literacy and specifically OG tutoring.  Once we got to know her we realized immediately that we made the right choice. 

S & D, Vancouver

Jill is an amazing teacher.  She explains in detail what needs to be done, has a lot of patience while maintaining a great sense of humor.  We felt Jill had a special bond with our son and took great pride in his achievements.

J & M, Vancouver

    After School Tutoring

    homework/subject support, Orton Gillingham Tutoring, homeschooling.

    Currently all after school spaces are filled. You can complete an application to go on the waiting list.

    Summer Tutoring

    Full subject support to review previous grade and prepare for new grade.

    Summer tutoring spaces become available in May/June. Presently I am only offering spaces to existing students.

    Lessons are individualized to each student. Materials are designed and developed for specific outcomes.

    The vast library of materials I have created are used by other tutors, tutoring practises, and schools.

    I give students opportunities to show their learning in different ways:

    • online slideshows
    • podcasts - planning, writing, & recording
    • puppet show - rewrite an existing fairy tale, create own play with planning, dialogue, and story development
    • Develop own study skill strategies.
    I work with students from kindergarten to high school.

    Filling in the Application Form

    All our online Tutoring is hosted by our President and founder Jill. These spots are limited given Jill's busy schedule.

    However, rather than have you fill out a long form here, Jill will conduct an initial phone interview to gather the information about you and your child, so she can determine if there is a fit.

    From there you can decide on dates and times that will fit in with you and your child. Please provide the contact information below, and let Jill know a good time to call.

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