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    Inside Issue #2

    For Parents

    We discuss, What is STEAM and why do we include Discovery Cards in our School Readiness packs? and Spring is Here, with a free project based learning activity and read aloud story book ‘A Seed is Sleepy.’

    For Teachers

    We have articles on Teaching Spelling in a Kindergarten Classroom, Children’s Language Development and Wearing Masks During COVID, and explore character traits with a read aloud ‘Enemy Pie,’ and a free activity.

    For Schools

    We look at Keeping Track of Student's Learning Through the Grades.

    For Tutors

    We look at Computer Document Cameras and have a free make your own document camera.

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    Spring Is Here

    This project is about taking the opportunity to explore growing plants from seeds. What do the seeds look like? How do you care for the seeds to help them grow? What are the stages of growth? What will the seed grow into? You can start the project with reading the picture book, ‘A Seed is Sleepy’ written by Dianna Hutts Aston and illustrated by Sylvia Long.
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    What is STEAM

    Using a STEAM approach to learning means your child is experiencing Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. Introducing your child to this style of learning helps develop a mind of inquiry and critical thinking. STEAM supports a creative process of problem solving.
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    Teaching Spelling

    The students can independently complete the tasks as they are familiar with the program, and the kindergarten teachers have told me, “The students love it and really look forward to these activities during the week. It’s their favourite activity of the week.”
    image of children wearing masks

    Children’s Language Development

    The goal is to correct any challenges the mask wearing has created with hearing clear pronunciation of sounds and words and associating them with the shapes our mouths make. Here’s hoping our students make the corrections quickly and easily and this problem can be resolved.
    image of Enemy Pie book cover

    Picture Story Books – Enemy Pie

    Enemy Pie cleverly explores relationships between children, and how an adult can divert a negative action into a positive one. It looks at how a friendship can turn sour due to misunderstandings and how it can be rescued with a delicious recipe and a day filled with activities. This is an example of conflict resolution in a positive and fun way.
    image of the Early Minds Classroom Programs

    Keeping Track of Student’s Learning Through the Grades

    Having a record keeping program transferrable between grades is beneficial to the teachers and to the students. The teacher knows where to begin in the program and where to add support, and the students can confidently review the work they’ve done ready to move on to new lessons.
    image of Free DIY Document Camera on laptop

    Make Your own Laptop Document Camera

    Before COVID all of my tutoring was in person. When I moved online to continue supporting my students I found there were areas I couldn’t support in the same way. I couldn’t see how my students were printing and forming their letters.

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