Proven Primary School Programs designed to provide consistent solutions to teaching foundation skills.

That can be customised and implimented by class, grade or the entire school.
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Plan, Track, Teach and
Review, Over 100 Lessons.

Classroom Spelling Program

Everything in one place to build a comprehensive school wide spelling program. Each grade uses the same approach, keywords, pictures, and lesson outline. You have the freedom to expand and create extensions to lessons, to differentiate, and to teach every child from emerging learners to extending learners.
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Alphabet Program
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Classroom Alphabet Program

Each lesson covers imagination and creativity, in a multi sensorial approach. Each letter has several activities to use in one lesson, spread out throughout the week, teach to the whole class, or work in small group situations. The program has been designed to give you the freedom to choose how you want to present it. Teach directly from the program or add your own extensions.
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Classroom High Frequency Words