Let it snow, let it rain!

We are now at the end of November and have experienced all kinds of weather. My granddaughter, C, enjoys carrying her umbrella in the rain and wearing her new snow boots in the snow. The family brought out the sleds and C and her mom and dad had fun sledding down the slopes at the park giving her just the right thrill for a three year old, and building a snow mommy!

The whole family had colds this month that continued for weeks for the adults. C missed a few days of preschool and we had fun making leaf rubbings, collage and cooking. The art easel is available for C to paint at her leisure and she enjoys painting with her hands and fingers almost daily. Her best friend, B, has just been over to play after preschool and they had fun using their imagination in a game called Dorothy and Toto which derives from their mixed media class at Art Club. The instructor used a beautiful pop-up book to promote art each week and the children have created the cyclone, Toto, a clay sculpture of Dorothy, collage and a three dimensional Emerald City.

C attends a French preschool and she is gaining the confidence to speak French and returns home singing French songs. The family will spend Christmas in Quebec with her father’s family at a winter resort where she will be with all her cousins and immersed in the French language. In the meantime, I will be in Mexico enjoying the warm sunshine!

We are looking forward to some exciting events to celebrate the Christmas season and here are some of them:

The Goh ballet’s The Nutcracker Ballet and we will attend with our friends and family.

The Stanley Park Train to see the spectacular light displays.

The Holiday Celebration with Fred Penner, Charlotte Diamond, Bobs and Lola and Norman Foote.

The Tiny Tots Symphony Holiday Hooray with Lisa and Linda and afternoon tea at the Four Seasons where we will see the Festival of Trees.

C is looking forward to opening her advent calendar to get the chocolate treat each day, and I am reading new books to her throughout December because she will receive so many presents on Christmas Day.

Our baby, IJ, continues to thrive and it is fascinating to watch her rapid development as she now reaches out to grasp our fingers and smiles in response to us.

The precious gift of my loving family makes a blessed Christmas.