I love being a grandmother!

“Nana, Nana, I missed you so much.” What a joy my grandchild is. I had just walked through the arrivals door at Vancouver Airport and heard C call out to me as she ran to hug me and of course I was moved to tears. I then had to buckle her into her car seat and sit beside her. She told me that every time we spoke via ‘skype’ that she missed me.

We had spent Christmas at opposite ends of the continent. The family was in Quebec and I in Mexico. C was immersed in French spending time with her seven cousins in a winter resort and she is speaking French with a lot more confidence. She didn’t like the cold because Papa made her wear three pairs of pants. Dressing for the snowy weather last week C was capable of dressing herself in her snow pants, boots, scarf, mittens and hat.

The preschool had a field trip to the bakery and we walked in the snow. The children were given dough to roll into buns, saw the huge mixer, oven and machines that created buns and rolled dough for cookies which the children cut out and took back to the preschool for snack. The baker demonstrated decorating a chocolate cake and now C wants to be a baker. The following day was the baby IJ’s six month birthday so we made a chocolate cake and C decorated it with chocolate icing, chocolate sprinkles and chocolate chips just like the baker! We recognize that this is not the healthiest cake but it was delicious!

The baby is now rolling over and starting to kneel up getting ready to crawl. She is being offered pureed food after being breastfed for the first six months. It is a process of one spoonful in and half out. It is fascinating to watch her gradually getting the idea of swallowing the food. She had also been offered a bottle containing breast milk and is happy to play with the nipple as she learns to suck.

C is delightful with her baby sister, playing with her and making her laugh. She is empathetic and understands her needs, loving her and consoling her when she cries.

C was happy to reconnect with her best friend, B, when they both returned from their vacations. B had been Hawaii. They played happily using their imaginations and building with the sofa cushions. They then went outside and found a few carrots in the garden which they pulled up. They climbed the tree and into tree house. It was lovely to see them enjoy the outdoors. They are both growing so tall and maturing in their language and behaviour. They are able to communicate their needs when playing and suggest ideas to one another. They listen well to one another and take turns.

C is presently making valentine cards for her school friends and is creating with collage and drawings. C is counting the days until they leave for Hawaii and visit baby beach where there are no waves.

I love being a grandmother!