Happy Third Birthday

Happy 3rd Birthday!

If anyone had told me that at my age my social life would revolve around birthday parties for three year olds I would not have been interested! Now that it’s my granddaughter’s birthday and two of her best friends’ I am totally into it.

We decided to hold C’s party at home with ten children including C. We invited everyone to come from 11 to l that would include one hour for an activity and one hour for lunch and time for play in between.

We cleared out the office and covered the table with a purple plastic cloth – remember C’s favourite colour is purple. We planned to paint terra cotta pots. I wanted to involve C in the preparation of the party and the day before Uncle J and C sealed the pots ready for painting. I was fortunate to find African violets at the local nursery, five plants for $5.00 and, naturally, they came in pink, purple and lilac colours that proved very popular with the children.

The children enjoyed choosing the paint colours and by the time the party was over the paint was almost dry and we transplanted the violets into the pots. The loot bag contained the plant, a garden tool, gardening gloves, a packet of sunflower seeds and Wikki Stix. What are Wikki Stix? As the packet advertises they are twistable, stackable, buildable, playable one-of—kind creatables!

The children had time to play together and then sat down for lunch at the dining table. Mommy made C’s favourite chocolate cake and vanilla cup cakes.

C’s friend B held her party at Collage Collage which offered a creative art activity. There were eight children seated around a table with lots of collage materials. Erin, the owner, read the children a story illustrated with collage about friends looking for the ideal birthday present that, of course, turned out to be one they made themselves. The time of the party was 10 o’clock so the food was simple and there was birthday cake.

C’s friend, P, held his party at the Aquatic Centre where the children had one hour to play in the toddler pool. This was a lot of fun as there was a slide, a basketball net, balls, and floating apparatus. There was a party room and again we had a delicious lunch.

C also attended a princess party and was introduced to her first Disney character, Ariel, who dressed the children in princess costumes and applied princess make-up!! I am hoping to avoid the Disney entertainment scene as long as possible for C because I feel there is so much excellent classical literature available for children and there is hardly time to read it all.

We cannot forget that in the midst of these birthdays we celebrated her favourite Uncle’s. For his present, C painted with acrylics on canvas. She also made him a crown similar to one she had made herself and they sat at each end of the table wearing their crowns!

Now that C is three she is old enough to move into the Starfish class at Aquaventures and Grandma will no longer accompany her in the water. I will miss my weekly swim! She will also move into the next gymnastic class and Papa will observe her from the balcony.

So, new experiences are waiting for C and I am happy that I will be there to share them with her.

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