Grandmas diary

Grandma’s Diary

What excitement! The amaryllis is in full bloom and C thinks it is beautiful. Way back in November we presented Mommy and Daddy with two pots, which would be their first Christmas present. C helped me pot the huge amaryllis bulb and four paper white bulbs and carefully watered them. I suggested that we encourage the sprouting plants by talking to them and sure enough they responded to C’s care and attention and the paper whites were in full bloom in time for Christmas. Each day she studied the growth of the buds and emerging flowers and especially enjoyed watering them. The amaryllis has taken longer but nevertheless its growth has provided C with enjoyment as she waited patiently for the very long stalk to grow and then at last the buds appeared. A reminder to us for next year is to plant this bulb earlier if we want it to bloom in time for Christmas. By the way, her father has been very surprised and impressed with the flowers after being skeptical about the appearance of the huge bulb!

C and I delight in visiting the corner store where there is a large selection of plants and flowers. C’s favourite colour is purple and she usually chooses a purple flower first. Last year we bought an African violet, which has provided her with much pleasure since it has continually bloomed. In all the years that I have grown this plant I have never seen a violet bloom this often!

We always carry home a huge bouquet for Mommy as well as potted plants. For Christmas it was a Christmas cactus and a fern and this week it is a planter with mixed spring bulbs. C is learning to take care of these plants and waters them regularly and sometimes she is eager to pick the flowers.

Presently, on the windowsill we have the top of a parsnip sitting in water and we are observing the sprouting and growth of the leaves. We also grow plants from other vegetables, e.g. beetroots, carrots, potatoes, onions, garlic. Last year the potato tuba grew three feet into the living room! Planting a kitchen garden is an interesting activity for the winter when there is little growth in the garden.

The family has recently moved into a new house and we are enjoying the first signs of spring. The snowdrops growing close to the house are in full bloom and we can see daffodil bulbs sprouting and wait with pleasure as the garden delights us with its hidden treasures. The excitement is in watching the flowers bloom just as I am thrilled to be watching C emerge and bloom. Next, we are off to find the heart shaped antherium to celebrate Valentine’s Day.