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Extending The Classroom Spelling Program

This program was written to systematically teach younger students spelling patterns, rules, and application in the primary and intermediate grades.
Learning to spell can continue in our classrooms in older grades. We have a section at the back of the program for teachers to use with grade 5, grade 6, and grade 7 students.
Spelling in the upper grades can be taught with a slightly different approach. It can be related to lessons and subjects going on in the classroom. The lessons and activity pages are a lot more flexible. We have included word lists and an explanation of how and where the sound is used, so teachers don’t have to spend time looking for clarification of the sound. This gives the teachers an opportunity to introduce their students to unusual spellings, silent letters, and uncommon spelling patterns.
The exercises include reading, recording, illustrating, using in a sentence to show understanding, dictionary skills, definitions, and synonyms. These activities reach each of the learning paths for learning and retaining the spelling, reading, and meaning of new letter patterns and spelling.
Teachers can relate the new spellings to the etymology of words and explore how the origins of the spelling can affect their meaning and usage. Students can explore the morphology of words and spellings and look at how adding affixes creates new words and meanings.
With continued exploration of spelling your teachers are exposing their students to new vocabulary and skills they can apply to their composition and comprehension.