do you remember

Do you remember?

“Do you remember, Mommy?” “Do you remember the play dough?” “Do you remember the crab at the beach?” “Do you remember the pancakes this morning?”

This is my 2 and a half year-old daughter’s favorite new saying. She LOVES to reminisce. Every evening, I race home from work wanting a one-on-one recap of my little M’s day. She has got the drill down and will ask me questions before I have a chance to spit them out myself…’Have fun at daycare?’ ‘Have fun with your friends?’….. We sit face to face, inches away from each other, eager to reconnect. Then she’ll reminisce about our weekend and the play dough making session we shared.

I find her personality so amazing. The thought that I created this little person crosses my mind on a daily basis! I am due with another child eight weeks from now. I am trying to enjoy and ‘remember’ all of our time spent together, before our family of three turns to a family of four. I am a little nervous about being the mother of two (although I’ve always wanted my kids to have siblings); the thought of splitting my time, love and energy seems a wee bit daunting. How can I juggle everyone’s needs? How can I absorb all of the loveliness of my family without being too overwhelmed? Though, I’ll bet that two months from now I will not be able to imagine life without this new little addition.

I could learn a thing or two from my little girl….appreciate, soak-up and ‘remember’ every small detail of being a mom. Children grow up so fast; they’ll be out and enjoying the world independently before I know it.