Let it snow, let it rain!

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We are now at the end of November and have experienced all kinds of weather. My granddaughter, C, enjoys carrying her umbrella in the rain and wearing her new snow boots in the snow. The family brought out the sleds and C and her mom and dad had fun sledding …

enjoying the fall

Enjoying the fall

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My granddaughter, C, has just gone down for a nap after I read her the book she requested, Thanking the Moon, Celebrating the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival by Grace Lin. This takes me back to September when her friend, B, invited us to celebrate the moon festival with her Chinese family. …

The New Baby Has Arrived

The new baby has arrived

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On a beautiful BC summer day in July a miracle happened in our family when my second granddaughter IJ was born. When C heard the news she said ‘I knew it was a girl, I knew it was a girl!’ My daughter and son in law had waited until the …

Taking time to explain

Taking The Time To Explain

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While driving downtown with my 2-½ year old son I witnessed a man collapse from epileptic seizures. I immediately called 911, parked the car, collected my son and ran to reassure the gentleman that help was on the way. My son, who is typically very chatty, was silent throughout, even …

The Power of Taking Time

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I rush a lot; in fact I rush all the time. I am constantly saying to myself “I have to get this laundry done before tonight or I have to get to the bank before it closes”. I find myself dragging my toddler in and out of the car, hurrying …

Playing in the dirt

Playing in the dirt!

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I am getting ready to go out for the evening and my nails are black with dirt. Now I prefer to call the dirt in the garden soil because that is what covers the planet and grows the plants. C and I have been planting a garden with seeds she …

do you remember

Do you remember?

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“Do you remember, Mommy?” “Do you remember the play dough?” “Do you remember the crab at the beach?” “Do you remember the pancakes this morning?” This is my 2 and a half year-old daughter’s favorite new saying. She LOVES to reminisce. Every evening, I race home from work wanting a …