Young baby crying

What is PURPLE crying?

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The period of PURPLE crying is a stage in your young baby’s life when they are impossible to sooth. They suffer from inconsolable bouts of crying, and there is nothing you can do! Comforting and soothing are essential for your baby, but they may not decrease the crying. It is …

The Importance of Yoga for Children

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I have been a teacher of young children for many years and as children deal with many distractions, stresses, peer pressure and over-stimulation I have found yoga becoming more important for young children. As a certified children’s yoga teacher I have witnessed how children benefit from practicing yoga. It assists …

Visual-motor integration Video

What is Visual-Motor Integration?

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Visual-motor integration is our eyes and hands working together in a smooth and efficient way. It can also be referred to as hand-eye coordination. It is your child’s ability to control their hand movements guided by their vision. A child who has challenges in this area can also have difficulty …

Yellow rubber duck

Mindful breathing

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Getting caught up with the busyness of life can impact how much enjoyment you actually get from your day to day work. It also means you’re less likely to get to things because you run out of energy. Finding balance is easier said than done, but it is extremely important. …

Abacus and child

The Joy of Learning – making math fun!

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Teaching your child early math skills sets them up for success before school and in the classroom. Your child is surrounded by opportunities to discover numbers and math language. If you connect the numbers and language to practical experiences you bring meaning and understanding, creating a space of learning and …

One year old baby and book

Birthday books for a one year old

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My great niece, Betty, turned one a few months ago. I knew she already had lots of books, but I wanted to add to her collection. I chose four books and thought it would be a good idea to talk about the values of each book. Obviously, books are always …

Happy Birthday!

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The table is laid for two with napkins and purple tulips. C has been invited to her best friend’s for lunch to celebrate her 4th birthday. We arrive to find the cook rolling out purple dough which she folds and slices into fine noodles. In the Asian culture it is …