Image of Jill and David working outside.

Who We Are

Jill and David started EarlyMinds to bring beautifully designed and interesting materials into the homes of young children. We give parents the support to teach the foundational skills to their children, for the best possible start at school. All research supports the importance of early childhood education, and preparing your child for Kindergarten and beyond is how we can help.

Earlyminds create videos, develop materials, and offer guidance to anyone and everyone involved in supporting the young child’s mind. The early years are when the pathways in your child’s brain are formed, when their capacity to learn is beginning, when their curiosity to discover new things is being developed, and when the building blocks of all learning are built.


David has worked as Creative Director and Designer in London, England, and Vancouver, Canada. His work has received awards for design and usability. He has a passion for helping people find understanding through simple thoughtful design and communication. He presently runs his own design studio in Vancouver.

David has been a designer and usability professional for over 30 years.


Jill has taught in schools in London, England, and Vancouver, Canada. Her passion is supporting children and the ways they learn. She is an author and creates teaching programmes for schools and teachers. She is presently the Head of the Tutoring Department in a future focused co-ed private school in Vancouver.

Jill has worked as an educator for more than 30 years.

We Support the Whole Child

We create materials to appeal to the senses, promote connection between adult and child, build foundational skills, imagination, independence, and develop an understanding of literacy, numeracy and STEAM.