5. Reading Together

This is an important time for you and your child to spend some quiet and meaningful time together. Bringing the stories to life when you read a story to your child creates excitement and builds their imagination and comprehension of the story as it unfolds. This will help to increase their interest in learning to read and explore how stories are created for when they are writing stories of their own.

Take some time to sit together to read a storybook. Make sure that everyone is comfortable, and can clearly see the pictures in the book. Snuggled together in a comfy chair or laying on a bed you can enjoy a slow reconnection through the words and pictures of the journey through the story. Keep your pace slow and change your tone of voice to create excitement. Enjoy the familiarity and surprises as the story progresses. Reading a known story can help your child to predict what happens next. They may remember some of the repetitive text and join in with you.

Look at the pictures in the story and talk about what you see, what do you think will happen next, who was in the story, ask questions as you go to move the story into a comprehension activity.