4. Sounds

4. Sounds

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Sound consciousness increases your child’s knowledge of how letters make sounds and these represent something in the written and spoken word.

You can use letter cards and ask your child to find objects that begin with each letter. You each start off with a group of letters, make sure your child is comfortable with the sounds they have. You go around your home looking for objects that begin with that sound then put the letter card next to them – then you go around the home searching for the cards and checking if the objects and matched sounds are correct – if not you go together to search for another object that begins with that sound.

For an older and more capable child you can make the letters more advanced – they can be letter blends or digraphs – “Find something that begins with gr,” “Find something that has the sound ‘oa’ in it,” or rhyming words – “Find something that rhymes with the word red,” “Find something that rhymes with the word hook.”

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