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1. Tactile Play

Experiencing different textures in tactile play is an important and fun activity for young children. In the early years they explore their world through the sense of touch, and expanding on these experiences by setting up activities at home will enhance their experimentation. By preparing the environment where your child is working you can make sure that the messy play is contained, and an enjoyable time for both of you. Choose one of the ideas from the following list, or come up with ideas of your own, get the clean up cloths ready, cover surfaces, be prepared for spills, take a deep breath and have fun.

  • Finger painting on the table
  • surface with pudding
  • Dry breakfast cereal in a large bowl or tray
  • Jello, set in a bowl and then turned out on a table surface
  • Cold cooked spaghetti on a plate or tray
  • Cornstarch mixed with water to make a thick
  • goopy paste on a plate or tray

Try not to have any ideas of how you want them to play, allow them to explore. Some children are immediately comfortable with feeling the textures squeeze through their fingers, other children take their time. Both approaches are absolutely fine.