Alphabet Pictures & Sounds Set


The Alphabet Pictures and Sounds set contains:

  • Instructions¬†Guide
  • Extensions and Games
  • Direction of Letters Guide
  • 26 Colour Picture Cards
  • 26 Letter Cards
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What is the alphabet?

Many children can say the alphabet, but do not understand that letters represent the sounds in words.

This Earlyminds Alphabet set was written to help you teach your child the beginning sounds of words in preparation for word building and reading.

Each set has 26 Letter Cards and 26 Picture Cards with step by step instructions. You can purchase the download, print it, and start using it straight away.

There are letter direction guides for upper case and lower case letters helping you teach your child the correct formation of letters.

Why working with your child is important

Understanding the relationship between letters and words is essential in reading and writing. In this exercise you teach your child the shape of the letter by tracing with your finger, the sound of the letter by saying and your child repeating, and the association of the sound to a word with the picture cards.

These are the early building blocks of beginning sounds in preparation for later exercises of word building and reading.

One of the best predictors of reading success is an understanding of letters and beginning sounds. Children who are exposed to a richness of vocabulary through books and stories, and the relationship between the written word and letters, are more likely to meet with success in reading through kindergarten and the later grades at school.

Early exposure in a fun and safe environment means your child is developing an understanding of foundational skills to build upon. If your child starts kindergarten with an awareness of the relationship between letter sounds and the beginning of words they are more likely to understand what is being taught in the classroom. Being prepared for kindergarten means your child has the advantage of understanding learning.
Research shows that the best predictor for success in school is a readiness for learning by kindergarten age. At Earlyminds we design and make materials to build an understanding of the foundational skills needed to prepare for preschool and through kindergarten, grade one, and grade two.