EarlyMinds sample image of Singular and plural cards

Teaching Singular and Plural

David Language Skills

‘Singular’ means one and ‘Plural’ means more than one. This exercise teaches your child how the spelling of a singular word changes when it becomes a plural. To introduce singular and plural to your child you will need 8 Picture Cards of an object to represent singular, and 8 Picture …

Sample image of Vowel cards

Teaching The Vowels

David Language Skills

All usual words in the English language contain at least one vowel. In this video we show you how to introduce the 5 vowels, the names of the letters, and the sound each letter makes. Before beginning this exercise your child should be confident with the letters of the alphabet. …

Sample image of the Alphabet cards

Teaching The Alphabet

David Language Skills

Many children can say the alphabet, but do not understand that letters represent the sounds in words. In this video we show you how to introduce the beginning sounds of words using the phonetic sounds (‘phonetic’ means representing the sounds of speech). If you are unsure of the sounds of …